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Some Thoughts on Climate Change Conferences

By hipydeus & Mariana Barrosa The 17th United Nations Climate Change Conference ended on the 9th of December. 25 000 delegates from 200 nations came together in Durban to discuss climate change and try to get some papers signed and to save the world, or so they said. They even had a cool slogan: “Working […]

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Green or…Grey?

As i wrote in a previous article “Where do we want to grow?” the land consumption in Germany is reaching an almost rediculous level. Every little village seems to need their own business park. And if they have one, they think about what else they can concrete over to maximise profit, and to open our […]

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The 1€ Idea! Or how to make billions out of one!

The 1 Euro Idea! I was never good in math, and I have not studied economics. But an idea is buzzing around in my head for quite some time that is so simple that I can not believe no one had come to it before. We always hear there is no money. Stop hunger? No […]

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