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The poor cousins of the Easter Bunny

Guest contribution from my good friend Mariana Barrosa Rabbits are fluffy and furry. They’re almost unbearably cute with their big ears and wrinkled little noses. They inhabit our childhood stories (they are always the good, friendly characters in these stories, aren’t they?), we give them to our kids as pets and we always go for […]

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Faroe Islands Whale Slaughter

Does anybody care? On July 19, 2010, a pod of 236 pilot whales was ruthlessly slaughtered in the town of Klaksvik in the Danish Faroe Islands Sea Shepherd Undercover Operative Peter Hammarstedt, also First Mate of Sea Shepherd’s vessel, the Bob Barker, had been living undercover with the ferocious islanders for a week when he […]

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