Hi there!

Some of you know already that i’m a little concerned about the status of our mother earth, and that i try to bring a bit of attention on very annoying problems with some of my pictures on flickr. I will continue to bother you with this from time to time, but i feel that flickr is not the best place for it. So i had the brilliant idea of starting a blog. Yeah!

Where else could i post incomprehensible storys like  “Tigers turned into wine”? (No joke!)
I will try to regulary post unpleasant storys like this, but also encouraging ones here from now on.

You might want to know why i do all this. Well, i simply had questions and started to investigate. It was very disturbing for me to find out that so many things are going in the wrong direction. And i had no clue about the incredible number of problems we have on our planet. Everyone knows that a lot of shit is happening everywhere. But believe me, the more you digg the more shit becomes visible. Whether it is about endangered species, destruction on land or in the oceans, animal cruelty, waste, pollution, poverty, injustices, mindless business driven by greedy, ruthless people, or the madness of nuclear energy. It is all connected.

Yep, there is unfortunately tons of material waiting there for me.

But i won’t focus just on the bad things. There are also success stories, that encourage me, and hopefully you too, that we can do something before it is too late. I strongly believe that individuals can make a difference. But to do so, we need to be aware of the problems, and get some advice what we can do. I will do my best to provide information about this too.

I would be really happy, if you take a little time and have a look.
You can subscribe with a few clicks to get the latest news.

And of course, feel free to comment, criticize, vote, and most important, SHARE!
Btw, if you stumble upon stories of which you think they matter, don’t hesitate to forward them to me.

Thank you!
Martin a.k.a hipydeus


About me:
I’m German ++ Work as Visual Artist ++  Love Frisbee ++ Love Hiking ++ Love Biking ++ Love my Family ++ Love my  cats and my dog ++ Love playing Guitar ++ Love Lord of the Rings ++ Like Photography ++ Like Heavy Metal (what else?) ++ Like action more than words ++  Admire Paul Watson ++ Don’t like brownnosing ++ Don’t like the sentense it has always been like this++ Hate fence in perspective pictures on flickr ++ Ultimately, hate to write about me ++ Enough!


One Response to “About”

  1. Thanks Martin, another one of your fantastic ‘products’ which enriches – as well as our friendship – my life

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