Shit Sells – While children die

Famine was declared in two regions of Somalia yesterday

– the first time  since 1992 – with 3.7 million people needing urgent humanitarian assistance. A further 8 million people require food in neighbouring countries such as Kenya and Ethiopia.

The pictures are staggering. Over 11 million people are at risk of starvation in East Africa. The Horn of Africa is suffering a devastating drought, compounded by war, neglect and spiraling food prices. Some areas in the region have not had such a low rainfall in 60 years. Ongoing drought has killed up to 90 per cent of livestock in some regions. The drought is not expected to let up before the end of the year.

Today i feel ashamed to be part of an ignorant society and media world, that seems to be more interested in stupid nose-picking celebreties and other nonsense than the devastating desaster that is happening in Africa right now. I was hoping to see headlines to tell this story but instead i got to see this:

And this:

Those are the “Top Stories” on Google:

Here the headlines in Gemanys largest newspaper:

But luckily i found this brilliant article that prevented me from being totally despaired:

Paddy Ashdown,

The problem when a child is dying from starvation is that they can’t wait. They can’t put their hunger on pause until the glare of the media decides to turn its spotlight on them and help spread the word that children are dying. Instead, they will slowly starve to death.

This is exactly what is happening to nearly 2 million children in Somalia right now. Nearly half of these children are already on the critical list, inching further away from life as every hour slips by. By the time you read this, it may already be too late for some. In today’s newspapers – from front to back – I was hoping to see the media use their power and influence to tell this story. I hoped to see headlines shouting that millions of women and children in Somalia, and across the entire Horn of Africa, are struggling for survival and need the British public to help.

But I didn’t. Instead, my eyes were blurred with articles of shaving foam and hacking scandals, as talk about the dire need for nutritional supplies for children who need their lives saved slipped into the footnotes….

Please read the full article here.

If we call us a social and civilized species, and taken into account that we are responsible for climate change and spiraling food prices, our extravagant society must act.

As i wrote in one of my previous posts Taste The Waste:  European households throw away 100 billion euros worth of food each year. 90 million tons of food, enough to fill 3 million trucks stretched around the equator. This is twice the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the world.

Please donate:

World Food Programme




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