I’m a Whale Warrior

I am writing today asking you to support my journey by making a gift towards to my fundraising goal

Hi there,

I support Sea Shepherd, and i hope you want to help me to achive my goal of raising 1000$ for their incredibly successful and dangerous missions. I am most impressed by their dedication, passion, and effective campaigns and how they voluntary risk their lives to stand in for the animals that have no voice and are helpless against the poachers. Illegal fishing practices and greed will drive them to extinction if we don’t act.

“If the oceans die, we die” Captain Paul Watson

Giving is easy! Visit my Whale Warrior Fundraising Page to make your donation online and help me reach my goal. With your support, Sea Shepherd can continue to fight the destruction of habitat and the slaughter of wildlife in world’s oceans, conserving ecosystems and species for generations to come: http://my.seashepherd.org/netcommunity/hipydeus

You can become a Whale Warrior too 🙂

Thank You!


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