The poor cousins of the Easter Bunny

Guest contribution from my good friend Mariana Barrosa

Rabbits are fluffy and furry. They’re almost unbearably cute with their big ears and wrinkled little noses. They inhabit our childhood stories (they are always the good, friendly characters in these stories, aren’t they?), we give them to our kids as pets and we always go for bunnies when choosing a stuffed animal as a gift for someone we care for. Shop windows overflow with fluffiness and cuteness over Easter. We so much love the Easter Bunny and a heartfelt “awwww” always comes out of our mouth every time we see a rabbit, on a photo, on TV or live.

No way on Earth anyone could ever think of hurting such lovely creatures, right? Wrong!

In real life, rabbits are raised in farms in conditions so appalling and cruel they are hard to believe. They are even hard to describe! They are certainly hard to look at.

They say an image speaks a thousand words. The images in this film SCREAM one million words, and most of them are not nice. Not nice at all. Watch it and see for yourself.

As for the usual excuse that animal farming is necessary because we “have to eat something” and the rabbit fur is only a bi-product of the meat so it’s ok to wear it…we’ll now you now that’s bullshit. It’s actually the other way round; it’s mostly the meat that is the bi-product of the fur. It’s the fur that is profitable for the “producers”.

And no, we don’t “have to” wear rabbit fur coats of vests or hats or whatever. There are plenty of alternatives out there. Alternatives that don’t involve treating animals like this just so we can have nice trimmings on our coats. Up to you to decide.

This video shows undercover footage of Portuguese rabbit farms and is the product of an investigation done by ANIMAL, an animal rights NGO based in Portugal


One Response to “The poor cousins of the Easter Bunny”

  1. Thank you for this. I’m going to put it on my Pinterest page and email to friends and family.

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