Green or…Grey?

As i wrote in a previous article “Where do we want to grow?” the land consumption in Germany is reaching an almost rediculous level. Every little village seems to need their own business park. And if they have one, they think about what else they can concrete over to maximise profit, and to open our landscape for all kind of nature entertainment.

Every day, we loose land at the size of 270 000 square meters only in bavaria. 15 square meters per second in Germany.

But what does it mean?
I tried to visualize it by checking Google Maps data and comparing the last 10 years. The result you can see here (click for larger view)

This map shows the random area of roughly 12 square kilometres in the east of munich. Since 2001, we lost around 15% of land and trees here, which confirmes the numbers and statistics i found during my research saying that our country will be totally build over and sealed in 100 years if this trend continues.

It seems to be not enough just to destroy precious land. No, the ruthless business man also does not care about how the blemish looks once it is build. Quadratic, flat, depressing, high. As long it is grey, cheap, without imagination and creativity it is fine. Whether it fits into our landscape or not doesn’t matter. These poachers are only interested to fill their pockets and don’t care about future generations, habitats for animals, whether we live in harmony with nature (and neighbours) or whether we will drown in (nuclear?) garbage.

As we all know, politicians don’t care either, they are too busy accellerating that trend and to do whatever the industry tells them to do, and obviously our selfish attitude doesn’t allow us to think beyond the next day.

Hmm, is it that bad?

Luckily there are also examples of urban development that proof that it can be done better. After World War II, Germany was pretty much destroyed. Wonderful historic buildings and whole cities which grew over hundreds of years had to be rebuild. But not everywhere people had interest or the vision to rebuild it nearly as it was before. Insted the misery of  “Concrete Cubing” begun and did not stop once Germany was economic recoverd.

Cities like Regensburg (Ratisbon) proofed that it can be done better. For nearly 140 years, it hasn’t change too much. They preserved the historic part of their city quite well (with some unforgivable exceptions). Today they benefit enormous from their foresight. Regensburg is a real Eye Candy and economical healthy.

That doesn’t count for the outskirts though. Most of the area was agricultural land in 1943.
Again, Concrete Cubing did it’s omnious job well.

Ok, what the heck do i want to say with my post?

I really don’t know. Perhaps i want to say that while you have spend 5 minutes to read this we lost another 4000 square meters of land in Good old Germany and our country is now richer with some new shades of grey.

Tick tick tick…


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