Recovery in Garbage

A small tranquil square in the south of Munich is supposed to give the harried citizens some recreation. It’s really nice, a stream flows here entwined by trees and flowers. Everything is perfect to spend a relaxing weekend day, and to let thoughts fly.

Almost everything!

Apparently it takes the stressed Earthling lots of alcohol, cigarettes and food to relax. The Earthling seems to be really creative when it comes to decorate his surroundings, which becomes visible in beautiful, almost artistic arrangements of his garbage.

A stream looks a lot nicer when it is spiced up with cigarette packages and beer bottles.

The shattered liquor bottles generate wonderful reflections in sunlight, plastic bags and packaging of all kinds serve as playground to play hide-and-seek for fishes, frogs and other animals.

Particularly funny are the most elderly passers who are very upset about all the dirt. Wonderful to watch!

It is a small example for the carelessness in how we deal with our planet. Why dispose garbage when you can just throw it in the bushes, rivers, oceans or forests?

Oh, and forest. Maybe i should look more for remote places to relax. But, unfortunately, they are already occupied by mountain bikers, river rafters, freshairsnappers, mushroom pickers and wannabe tree-huggers, which is ok, but all seem to have the inevitable beer bottles in their backpacks to distribute them and to decorate nature once they are proudly emptied. “Burp!”

I’m going to the park now, playing frisbee with my friends and try to avoid glass shards and other pitfalls.
Have a great weekend!


2 Responses to “Recovery in Garbage”

  1. I wrote to the mayor now, and I can not wait to hear his excuses. If he responds

  2. Such a sad commentary on human laziness and willful ignorance!

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