The barbaric Slaughter has Begun in the Ferocious Isles

Slaughter has begun in the Ferocious IslesThe Slaughter has Begun in the Ferocious Isles – Sea Shepherd.

The barbarian butchers of the Danish Protectorate of the Faeroe Islands have begun their ghastly slaughter early this year with the bloody slaughter of 60 defenseless pilot whales. In a world where civilized nations come to the rescue of stranded whales, the one place on the planet that demonstrates no mercy is this group of islands situated between Scotland and Iceland.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be taking our ships to the Faeroes this summer to once again intervene to defend the whales from the thugs who slash, stab, and club these beautiful socially complex, sentient creatures.

Not all the Faeroese are heartless, however. A few brave souls are speaking out in opposition to their sadistic countrymen, and one of our supporters in the Faeroes sent us the photos in this update this morning. The supporter who sent these photos commented,  “I wish that Sea Shepherd was here. The killing was not quick and some whales took one to two minutes to die…terrible to watch.”

Slaughter has begun in the Ferocious IslesSea Shepherd has gone to the Faeroes in the past, but this time we return stronger, better equipped, and more experienced than ever and we are returning with a technology that will serve the whales well this summer. In the meantime, until our ships can reach the bloody drenched shores of the Ferocious Isles, the butchers will have free reign to torment and inflict a vicious slaughter to entire families of gentle, wondrous cetaceans.

The Faeroes receive all the benefits of the European Union but consider themselves exempt from the laws of the European Union. The slaughter of the pilot whales is a violation of the Berne Convention. Iceland cannot join the European Union until they stop killing whales, yet the Faeroes are given an exemption by Denmark. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has joined forces with the Brigitte Bardot Foundation in Europe to bring the Faeroes into compliance with the laws of Europe.

This summer, Sea Shepherd will be in the waters of the Faeroes. We will be on the beaches, and we will be in the air. We will be active in Denmark and we intend to create a controversy that will be heard around the world. We intend to bring this illegal butchery to an end.

There are gentle and intelligent people in the Faeroe Islands who have had to stomach the shame of this slaughter for years, who have been afraid to speak out because of the bullying nature of the cowards who torture and kill the whales. It’s time to confront these cowards and it is time to return to the obscenely bloody beaches of the Faeroes to confront these thugs who delight in boasting about how “God” gave them the “grind” or the “right to wallow in the blood and gore of the whales, to rip the fetuses from the bodies of their mothers and to stress, slash, stab, and club these magnificent gentle creatures to death. They call their killing a “gift from God.”

The only problem is that the only God that would condone such horror is Satan and the Faeroes seem to serve their evil God with all the murderous devotion of cultists who have set aside common decency and mercy in the name of a barbarous tradition that has no place in the 21st Century, no place in civilized society and certainly no place in the European Union.

Sea Shepherd will be returning to the Danish Faeroe Islands in the summer of 2011 with a plan to stop the horrific slaughter of thousands of pilot whales.

Support them please

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15 Responses to “The barbaric Slaughter has Begun in the Ferocious Isles”

  1. You actually do not see the exagerration and pathetism aof all these statements?

    “The only problem is that the only God that would condone such horror is Satan and the Faeroes seem to serve their evil God with all the murderous devotion of cultists who have set aside common decency and mercy in the name of a barbarous tradition that has no place in the 21st Century, no place in civilized society and certainly no place in the European Union.”

    Really? I am disgusted, this is how they are supposed to gain support and help from people?

    PS. I will ask you here. what are those benefits Faroe Islands “beneficiate” from EU? Point by point, as I know for sure (and with arguments) what a pest is this EU towards Faroe Islands.

  2. Well, it is up to you if you are disguted by people who dedicate and risk their life to save life without getting paid for this. If you prefer the companionship of people who stand up to their chest in Whale blood with knives in their hand, cutting whale babys out of their mothers. Ok, fine. I always say, maybe i would do so as well if i where born in The Faroer Island. I’m aware of the economical problems but i think you would benefit a lot more from increasing tourism if you would just stop killing whales, which gives your country this bad reputation. (I asume you are from there)

    If you can look at these pictures and it leaves you cold, i don’t know how we can discuss this. I don’t care shit about EU, politics, or Satan. I only need to look at the pictures and videos and i KNOW this is wrong. Luckily most people feel like this.

    Thats why i find your question irrelevant, but i will answer:

    Faroes as a Danish Protectorate are not a member of the EU although they directly benefit through Denmark from the EU.
    46 million Euro a year from Denmark, as payment for running several departments of the Danish goverment in the Faroes.

    I think Denmark must demand that the Faeroes comply with EU regulations if they are going to enjoy EU benefits.

  3. First, it is not “my country”. I am just a foreigner who happened to end here, in Faroe Islands. Second, seen from outside is easy to issue so vehement verdicts. Yes, I don’t deny, the pictures are not an easy sight, but neither is the image in a slaughtery house. You should maybe see how my people kill a pig before Christmas, the entire ritual, starting with cutting the throat of an alive screaming animal and ended with a serious party for “the soul of the pig”. No difference and it is about food in the end.

    I actually I prefer the companionship of those people to the hypocrites, because in spite of the general opinion, they are actually good incredibly honest people. A little bit of big naive children. But I guess one have to live amongst them to understand their personality or mentality and that can not be done from hundreads of kilometers away.

    So you knew about the money the Danish pay for maintaining their own institutions. What is this helping the Faroese with? Economically speaking. Yeah, there is a police and a Danish guardship, but Faroese have also their own ship and half of the police force is also Faroese. So this country will actually do quite well without the so-called “subventions”, which have been substantially reduced as a result of the nationalist party politic. On the other hand EU hinders massively the trade and wishes badly to get control over the fish. That creates a lot of problems. And by the way, did you know that we pay up to 20% more tax then in Denmark? Big part of this money is shipped to the Danish masters as a payment for the scam they performed 20 years ago “helping” with the severe economical crisys people had to deal with at that time.

    Denmark will never “demand” anything. They did it for hundreads of years, maybe you should study the history a little and you’ll see how opressive they were even at the half at the last century. And not only, but interfering in the internal affairs of this country will overstep seriously the democracy and the human rights. I doubt they are willing to risk that just because some people don’t agree with this hunt.

    The tourism will increase if the prices would be smaller, which is not possible. There are enough people coming here in the good season and they do not fear seeing red seas, being attacked by the “ferocious islanders” (as I read often) or whatever. Besides, more tourists will also mean more pollution and end of a peacefullife. I would not like to see a second Ibiza here, if know what I mean.

    And last, but not least, I have absolutely no respect for Paul Watson and his acolits. As long as he is not capable to fight for what he believes is good without insulting, exagerating or simply, inventing stories … He is dedicating his life in becoming rich on the backs of the naive who pay for his extravagances. I’ve never seen him risking his life directly. You are very well entitled to your opinion, but I am also and I simply despise the guy.

  4. Thanks for your reply, it makes it very clear how much need there is for an open dialog. You are absolutely right in what you say about the hypocrisy of our society who slaughter billions of animals with unspeakable cruelty and complain about the whale slaughter in the Faroer Islands at the same time. Both is wrong! And i believe you in what you say about the good people and the problems you have with denmark and the EU. I also understand your reluctance against Sea Shepherd and Paul Watson, from your point of view. They are pretty annoying, but that’s their Job! And i’m glad it is. I was cheking pictures from the Faroer Islands very often, and it is truly one of the most beautiful places in the world, and i would love to see it. But i won’t until this barbaric futile tradition stops. Tradition can not justify everything, and if we want to make this world a better place where we live in harmony with nature instead of destroying it mindlessly we need to start somewhere. On your Islands just as everywhere else, my country included. To give you an example, in some parts of spain they stopped bull fighting, and they earned a lot of respect for their decision. What are you waiting for? Do you really want to continue with these bloodbaths? For what? To eat contaminated meat as your own health authority is stating?

  5. It’s not fair comparing bullfighting, a practice that was done for fun for so many years, with “grindadráp” which meant survival for the Faroese for centuries. If you ask me, in my humble opinion, they can not be compared.

    It is difficult to make people change their food habits and it cannot be done overnight. Think about all the processed food we eat and which has such a high amount of chemicals and growth hormons introduced for various reasons. Yes, Pál Weihe has issued his report and people are quite aware of it. Some of them listen to it (especially the younger ones), some choose to ignore it. It’s called freewill, in the end.

    As per being contaminated, just as a comparission if you want, think about the smoking or excesiv dinking. Everybody knows their effects, but people still do it. Personally, I don’t eat it the meat, I don’t like it, but for the Faroese, who grew up eating it, it’s like chocolate. Doesn’t exist something better. On the other hand, this is a country where people reach easily ages of 90 or over.

    I know people hang on that report as the supreme argument for Faroese to stop eating the whalemeat, but many have a very deformed image about it’s effects. I often read mean stuff where people who have never set one foot in these islands where talking with a lot of certainty about how inbred and retarded the Faroese people are because of the mercury contained in the whalemeat. It is unfair and this is why I always reacted.

    Anyway, those were just my opinions, this is how I see the things. And believe me, I am pretty sure if I was back in my country and I heard about this, I would have had the same opinion as you. But it happens I live amongst them, dealing with the harshness and realities of this place, and I cannot condemn them. I don’t agree enirely with the practic, but I don’t judge it either. Not anymore.

    Thank you for letting me post my opinions. Not always people have the patience to listen to people who happen to have completely another one. I really appreciate it.

  6. Sorry for the spelling mistakes. Even after so many years of talking and writing in English I have not learned to read my comments before posting. 😦

  7. You’re very welcome. It is very important for me to share thoughts with you. I always try to see the full picture which is very difficult with that overkill of information we have nowadays. I basically agree with you, at least I understand your point very well. Things are always more complicated or complex as we think. I don’t think that anyone will starve on the Faroes without eating whale meat. You’re the best example, you said yourself you don’t eat it 🙂 it is more tradition or ritual like bullfighting is than it is really needed to survive. You need to read about the status of our oceans. 78% are fished out, up to 150 species extinct every day!! The whales are important for the Eco system, and they are endangered. Pigs, chicken, cows are not! Whales have a more complex brain than humans, they have a language, are social and gentle. How on earth can anyone kill them and let their babies rot on the docks. I don’t get it and I never will. But I’m sure this will stop one day, if the responsible people can talk in a friendly way like we do. Oh and don’t worry about spelling mistakes, I do them all the time..:-)

  8. Well, I don’t eat it because I am not used to eat. But ask me how much I spend each time we buy food and we both have good income (we are both engineers). Though, on the smaller island where the luckkiest men are sailing, the lest luckiest comute by ferry each day and women stay home or have a job as a kindergarten teacher or cleaning lady the situation is completely different. Not everybody in Faroe Islands lives at the same standard and there are people who really struggle, in spite of the general opinion. And then, is it not normal to prefer what comes for free? There are no other animals that can be eaten. Look, they used to catch and eat puffins, too. But since they started also to have problems (there was something about puffins starting to die last susmmer because their favorite fish is also diminishing it’s numbers) people decided to stop catching them. And believe me, that was a serious source of income for some people. Not even talking about you need special skills for that.

    By the way, no one lets anything rot on the quays, that’s also one of the exaggerations of Sea Sheperd. You know, I have been living here for 9 years. Only once I saw whales on the quays, after the hunt and I don’t believe there was any calf. Sometimes they are, I don’t deny it, but it is absolutely impossible to separate the females when hunting. Besides, pilot whales are family animals, they will never survive by themselves without the males. This is not an excuse, just an explanation.

    By the way, do you know that there is an extensive research conducted by the Natural Science department of the university of Torshavn in regards to pilot whales? I saw once when they caught a small pod, implanted GPS devices and freed them. Activists dismiss on purpose this whole research, acusing the Faroese of “cheating” and “flasifying” the results. I don’t believe it, why should they invest so much in this if it was not serious? The spokeswoman who deals with all of this stuff is an Australian, a former Greenpeace activist (ironically) who does a lot of effort in this aspect and receives in exchange death threats and bad words. Too bad, people do not understand that Faroese depend on the nature around and they will not so reckless endangering what could save them in worse times.

    It was actually interesting talking to you. I didn’t expect you to really “listen” to me, to be honest, I guess I was mistaken. I liked the fact that we could have a civilised discussion in spite of the opinion difference. It doesn’t happen to often. I am a little bit disappointed how obtuse some people can be sometimes and I have often encountered the “if you are not with us you are against us” kind of thinking.

    PS. I wanted to ask you something in regards to the bullfighting. We always used the word “corrida” and even my mother tongue is using it. I understood from somebody else this word is actually used in an very obscene way in Spanish. Is it true?

  9. I assumed you were Spanish, I don’t know why… Sorry I guess I mistook that, I believe you are German.

    And by the way, you should come and visit Faroe Islands, it’s such a beautiful place and it’s definetly worth. Don’t judge it only in regards to the whalehunt, it’s not what it defines them.

  10. Yes i’m from Germany, a former whaling nation 🙂
    I also enjoy an open minded discussion much more than stupid agressive
    conversations that lead to nothing. And i can say for myself that i always try to understand why things are how they are, to learn what can be done better.

    I respect a lot how you stand in for your friends and the island. And of course i don’t judge them just for the whale hunt. That would be very unfair. But you shouldn’t just count on information from there (the least from the killers). There are countless photos and videos documented by serious, independent ocean biologists, scientists and organisations that proof that the story of the poor Faroe people who only want to survive and kill fast in a human way, is just nonsense. We are not talking about a third world country.

    According to Wikipedia, the islands have one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe. They have a welfare state regarded as exemplary. 20% of Faroe Islands’ national budget comes as economic aid from Denmark, which is about the same as 50% of Faroe Islands’ total expense budget. I can not see how stopping the Whale slaughter would cause any nutrition problems for a country with a population of 48000 people, that catches 580 823 tonnes of fish a year.

    But these are just numbers and statistics, and thats not what it is about. For me it is about compassion, and to find a healthy balance between economy and nature.

    If the Faroes stop this i can guarantee this will create a firestorm of applause and respect around the world. Most likely also more support, meaning you will benefit a lot more from this than killing pots of whales. Other countries did this step already, and today they can not even imagine that they ever have killed these majestic animals. Did you know that the Soviets used oil from sperm whales for their Nuclear missiles? This is insane!

    Former whaling nations, such as the United States, Australia, Tasmania, Portugal, Netherlands, England, and many many more have proven to me that it works, and that the killing will stop one day. Australia is in fact now the most active defender of the whales. And perhaps one day the Faroes will take a leading role, since as you said, they know better than anyone else, that we depend, and can’t live without a healthy ocean.

    Culture is important, but Mahatma Gandhi once said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the ways its animals are treated.” The whales helped the Faeroese people survive for centuries, but now, when the Faeroe Islands have a high standard of living, the grind is no longer needed.

  11. Well, I had this discussion with a lot of people who didn’t want to believe me. You talked about Faroe Islands having the lowest unemployment rate. It actually had the lowest unemployment rate, because it doubled from December last year. Now it reached almost 10%, which is enormous for such a small country.

    Standard of living. Yeah, we can say that comparatively to my homecountry or another poorer European country. I know what the statistics say, I know how people see it. But let’s talk in depth. Look, I am an engineer and so is my husband. We don’t own a house, we don’t own a car. We never could afford the rate at the bank for buying a house and we are not very young. My husband pays 67% of the salary taxes and I barely earn 900€ per month (in hand). In Holland, a much cheaper country, as an example, I would earn three times this amount. I’m working half time because this what I could find after almost two years of unemployment. We know families who are worse then us, because they own children and inspite of the legend, the social protection is ok, but not great. Just as a simple example a kindergarten teacher earns around 1200€ and only the kindergarten fees are amount 300€ per month for a child, without meals. Every single thing we buy is overpriced, costs with up to 50% more then in Denmark, country famous for high prices. When I travel, I get so annoyed and frustrated seeing the prices in shops, you cannot imagine! Only in germany when we go, I tend to fill the car up with stupidities like detergent, shower gel or condensated milk because they cost half of what we pay up here :mrgreen:

    Denmark doesn’t help us at all, don’t let yourself tricked by the numbers. They put money in Faroe Islands, true, but they are also taking a lot of money from us. Do you know, for example that all the planes that transit the Faroese air space are paying fees to the … Danes, instead of paying the Faroese state? And so on.

    The economical situation is not what it seems. When I moved here, 9 years ago, I was incredibly naive.I came from a country where coruption is sky-high and where getting a job was a nightmare if you didn’t have the right connections. I actually lived for 3 years worse then in my own country, where I had a good job and I owned an apartment. Here I could not even get a washing job. I was just wondering where is that luxurious life that everybody talked about. Don’t misunderstand me, it is not a complain and I am not a whinny person, but I want you to understand it is not easy to live here and the appearances can be very deceiving. Yes, it’s very true, there are people who have huge houses, nice cars, who can afford vacations in Azores and so on, but this is typically to any country and the percent is not too high. But,as I’ve already said, here is not about the people from the country’s capital or about the main island, I’m talking about the isolated places, islands where the ferries are not even able to reach when stormy (thing that happens very often) and which started to depopulate because of lack of work and posibilities. If you look at the statistics you’ll see that most of the hunts do not occure in the capital, but in smaller villages. It has an easy explanation.

    I absolutely agree, people do not starve, but Faroe Islands has not too many food resources. There are sheeps, there is the salmon (which happens to be the most expesive fish in the shops) and there is a tinny potato production. And that’s it. The rest is imported. From needles to windmills. In the eventuality of an economical crysis (as they had in the 90’s when people literally starved, lost their houses and almost 25% of the population moved abroad), whales will remain one of the main food source.

    And last. You talk about the fish. You do realise it is the only industry that Faroe Islands has and is the only one that keeps it’s autonomy?! And is the most risky buisness. In December 2010 the biggest fish factory in Faroe Islands went bankrupt letting 1000 people unemployed and with an employment help to the limit of subsistence. 1000 people represents a very big percent of the active population. Yes, if they will be able to find enough oil, then we will be able to talk about an economical raise, but till then we still depend on the fish and nothing more. And God forbid the amount of fish to decline.

    I speak for them, because I actually admire Faroese nation. It’s necessary a lot of determination and ambition to make from some bare cliffs in the middle of nowhere a nice place to live and it takes guts to hang on a place like this. They have the oportunity to go and work wherever: in Norway, in Denmark, UK, Australia or USA. Some are doing it for a while. And then they come back home determined to do something for their own country, letting behind places like Los Angeles or Perth or Copenhagen. Rarely have I seen people loving their country more as the Faroese do. And I love deeply the warmth and hospitality of the people. Do not let yourself deceived, Faroese respect animals and nature. Almost every family has a pet. People were judged and condemmned by the court because they tortured or shut animals. I remember sailing around the so-called birdcliffs. The boat engines were reduced to a silent purr and we were always told not to disturb the birds when the hatch season was on. Just a simple example.

    This is a hunt, very true, but they are trying to improve it in such way so the animals don’t suffer. I know I repeat what the others say, but it is actually true. Some people make the whales more then they are, no offence, Faroese just see them as food and nothing else. It is sad when stories like “ritual for proving manhood”, “free days from school given to the children to go to see the hunts”, “carcasses let to rot on the beaches” and so on, occure. I respect anyone ideas and I can completely understand your point of view, too. I love animals too and I cannot stand seeing them suffer. But I’ll never sympathise with those ones who “embroide” the stories in order to make to squize an extra tear from people. The story has always two sides.

    Sorry, I let myself carried by the wave. I really consider Faroe Islands a special place. I just wanted you to see another face of it, even if I am not one of them and I will never be.

  12. Wonderful portrait of this country and their wonderful people! I think money doesn’t make you nearly as happy as if you find a place where you feel comfortable and where you can live in peace. You are probably richer than many other people with lots of money, being busy making more money and forget to live.

    I repeat that i (and many others) will visit the Faroes when this ritual stopped. Actually after all i heard from you i can hardly wait 🙂

  13. You are absolutely right, I can deny it. I am absolutely lucky to live here and there are moments when I look around at all the beauty that surrounds us and I fully realise that.

    If I managed to change your image with only a little bit, then my effort was not in vain 😉

    It was quite an enjoyable conversation. Have a good night!

  14. I’m not part of this conversation, but I really found it moving. Thank you both for the civil conversation. The Faroes sound incredible. The people sound wonderful, and I hope the whaling can be minimized. It sounds like a complex issue. I really like that some people “own” children. That made me smile.
    Good luck Faroes/Whales

    • @Philipp, yes. That was something I’ve “borrowed” from the Faroese. They use “at eiga børn” which is means “to own children”. It is quite funny, you can be in the Faroe Islands, meet old people who’ll ask you: “Who owns you?” which means that they ask you about your parents.

      Happy Eastern for both of you!

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