Would you care more if I was a panda?

WWF Campaign:

Advertising campaign by Ogilvy for WWF.

What is the state of bluefin tuna?

Since the early 1900’s when factory fishing was introduced, the bluefin numbers been reduced by 90% and in the Mediterranean it is down to 97%.

…It is an Amazing Creature

For millions of years, the most incredible of all the world’s fishes has swum our oceans.  The bluefin tuna (Thunnus thynnus) is the fastest fish in the sea, one of the largest fish in the ocean, and a marvel of creation – unique in that is a warm-blooded animal.. This allows them to inhabit areas of the ocean that are very cold.

…It is Being Fished Out of Existence

Unfortunately, it is the favored fish of sushi restaurants worldwide, especially in Japan, and that is the reason that this magnificent creature is now on the fast track to biological extinction.

One fish sold for US$173,000 recently. With that kind of financial incentive, it is impossible to expect common sense to reign. Governments have proven to be incapable of putting a stop to this carnage due to the deep pockets of the fishing industry, and corruption is rampant.

“What’s happening here is what I call the politics and economics of extinction. There’s money to be made by driving a species extinct. Mitsubishi has built big refrigerated warehouses and they’re stuffing those things full of bluefin tuna. The more dead bluefin tuna they stick in a warehouse, the fewer there are in the wild. And the fewer there are in the wild, the greater the price of the ones in the warehouse. If they can drive the species to extinction and the only bluefin left are the ones in Mitsubishi’s warehouses you’re looking at a one million dollar fish and profits in the billions. So, they are actually investing in the extinction of a species.”

Taken fom an interview with Captain Paul Watson

The bluefin tuna is speeding towards extinction and Sea Shepherd is going to do everything in their power to put the brakes on it!

>>Operation Blue Rage<<

Please donate, and help Sea Shepherd raise funds to protect and defend bluefin tuna and ocean wildlife worldwide!


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