“…the more they kill the better, I will love it.”

The Great Bloody White North The Canadian Seal Slaughter and How I Really Feel About It!

Commentary by Captain Paul Watson –  Sea Shepherd

“Mr. Speaker, I would like to see the 6 million seals, or whatever number is out there, killed and sold, or destroyed and burned. I do not care what happens to them…the more they kill the better I will love it.” – John Efford, former Newfoundland Fisheries Minister and Federal Minister of Natural Resources

A hunter readies to take the life of a defenseless seal

There is only one word to describe the Canadian government’s 2011 kill quota for seals and that word is “insane.” It’s also very silly and immature. In the interest of appeasing the ecologically ignorant fishermen who have been impoverished by the gross management incompetence of the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO), the government has set the highest kill quota ever imposed on the seals with an allowable slaughter of 468,200 harp, Grey, and hood seals. This is an increase of 148,200 over the ridiculously high kill quota of 330,000 seals in 2010.

Strangely, every year the government sets the quotas higher, although the actual kills have been in general decline each year. The DFO kill quota in 2007 was 275,000 seals and the actual kill was 82,800. In 2008, the DFO raised the quota to 280,000, allowing the sealers, in their last real effort, to kill 217,800 seals thanks to a huge boost in subsidies and government support by former Fisheries Minister Loyola Hearn. But in 2009, despite a kill quota of 280,000, the actual kill fell to 72,400. Last year the DFO raised the quota to 330,000, an all time high, and the sealers took their lowest numbers ever with 67,000 kills.

The current Fisheries Minister Gail Shea could have set the quota at a million as her present fantasy number of seals she would like to see slaughtered, but without any real financial incentive, the sealers will again probably not exceed 100,000 in deaths inflicted.

So what is the purpose of raising the kill quotas while the actual number of seals killed continues to be far below the government kill quotas? And why are these numbers so distant from each other? As a Canadian, I will tell you why.

There is a real disconnect between the club swinging serial seal killers and the low-life political scum suckers that prowl the corridors of Canada’s federal parliament. The sealers tend to be somewhat practical with their feet planted in the reality of their economic environment, whereas the politicians and bureaucrats exist in the fantasy world of posturing and posing where the costs of fuel, prices of pelts, the dangers of the ice, and the realities of climate are irrelevant.

The politicians, and especially the incompetent bureaucrats that run the Canadian DFO, are a mean-minded bunch of vindictive, shallow, and petty people. They have decided that the slaughter of seals is a cultural tradition for Canada and that backing the thugs with clubs is an act of patriotism, or more to the point they hope to get their vote in the upcoming federal election.

In America, it’s mom and apple pie, and politicians kissing babies. In Canada, its baby-bashers, seal flipper pie, and clubbing baby seals. For nearly four decades, the Newfoundlanders have controlled the Goofy Nufie Doofus Department otherwise known as the DFO. Newfoundlanders compose the majority of the bureaucrats in the DFO and most of the fisheries ministers have hailed from the Rock.

It is true that four provinces actually participate in the slaughter. Nova Scotia, and my native province of New Brunswick take some, while the meanest, most barbaric group of killers are the residents of the ‘Maganderthal’ Isles in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. But the largest group of club-swinging, whining barbarians are the Newfoundlanders. Now not all Newfoundlanders are thugs and baby seal bashers, but many Newfoundlanders have defended the slaughter in the name of some vague notion that killing baby seals is the foundation upon which the Nufie identity sits. Americans have baseball, the Australians have cricket, the Japanese have sumo wrestling, and the Newfoundlanders have baby seal bashing.

It really is embarrassing to be a Canadian and to be associated with this shameful horror show, especially when you consider that the ‘Maganderthals’ drink seal blood and paint a crucifix on their heads as some sort of ritualistic coming of age charade. Adding to the silliness is a Governor General who kept barbarism alive in the 21st Century by eating a raw seal heart on international television, where the true north strong and free was loyally championed by Her Excellency Michaëlle Jean, the official representative of Queen Elizabeth II, with seal blood drooling from her lips as she smiled. Ahhh I was so proud to be a Canadian that day, yes sir, proud indeed eh.

How this east coast orgy of blood and gore is representative in any traditional sense at all for Canada would be a mystery, if not for the fact that the federal government of Canada has a history of dismissing the western half of Canada. The Canadian flag represents this fact in a very blatant way, by featuring a maple leaf, coming from a tree that is not native anywhere west of Ontario…… to be continued

Read the full article on SeaShepherd.org

Captain Watson takes a moment to pose with a seal

It makes me sick that i have to post such sad news in the year 2011. The live of animals seems to be less worth than dirt beneath our shoes.

Please donate, and help Sea Shepherd raise funds to protect and defend seals and ocean wildlife worldwide!

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