The 1€ Idea! Or how to make billions out of one!

The 1 Euro Idea!

I was never good in math, and I have not studied economics.
But an idea is buzzing around in my head for quite some time that is so simple that I can not believe no one had come to it before.

We always hear there is no money. Stop hunger? No money! Renewable energies? Too expensive! Fight against AIDS? Also too expensive. Better animal treatment? Who will pay for it? The list is long.

I think we have the money. Money is here in abundance, and now comes the best!
We can solve all these problems (that can be solved with money) without even noticing that we have less money in our pockets.

What about this:

  • We introduce a one euro tax. Every citizen in the EU pays 1€ a month for a better world. A lousy €uro, whose loss no one would even notice, would contribute 739 million Euros a month, or 9 billion Euros a year. WoW!

But wait! It gets better.

  • What happens if we stagger the tax, let’s say the rich pay 100 euros (or 1000?), the average earners will pay 1-5 Euro and the low income earners 10 Cents. Of course everyone is allowed to voluntarily give more. Be honest, still nobody would really notice a loss of money right?
  • We would then loosely come to 50 (maybe even 100?) billion Euros per year.
    An unbelievable amount of money.

But it gets even better!

  • What if we extend the idea to all the major industrial nations?

  • I think 500 billion or more would be realistic. And here we are. Hurray!! Billion Euros out of one lousy Euro we must be willing to donate, again, which loss we would not even notice.

I am aware that this method is simply said and is not scientifically correct.
But that’s not what it is about. I only want to show that money is there, and the lack of money is not the problem, but a cheap excuse.

I know, such a system needs bureaucracy. Problems like equitable distribution, corruption, and of course the fact that larger families (who are using more resources) have to pay more than small ones i’m aware of.

But I stick to it. Lack of money is an excuse.

One example of many:

  • We Germans spend 656 million € a year for chewing gum. ref
  • To scrape away chewing gum from the pavements, the german municipalities spend another 900 million euros.ref
  • And as we learned here, European households throw away 100 billion euros worth of food each year.

Will someone tell me seriously, we have no money to solve important problems?

5 Responses to “The 1€ Idea! Or how to make billions out of one!”

  1. The problem then being, who decides where the money goes? What constitutes “better world” expenditures? They would need to create a panel of persons to control and mandate the flow of money, and of course this panel would need to be paid for, so that would lesson the flow of money. They we we need to decide who decides who’s on the panel, and those person would then again require payment. Basically, it would generate a long line of people who would want to fill their pockets along the way to making the better world. In the end, you’d have citizens paying hard earned monies for a lot of red tape with little to no yield on the original vision. It’s unfortunate. It’s one of those ideals that would be great in practice if untouched by human hands and greed.

    • I get your point, but what i was saying here is that “We have no money” is not an excuse. We don’t have it in our hand where our taxes go anyway, right? But as i wrote, i also see the problems. Even if 50% of the money would disappear miraculously, it is better than doing nothing. What can you loose? One (hard worked) Euro.

  2. Too many conservatives see “tax” as a dirty word…they don’t care if it’s one euro or one dollar…it’s their dollar and they don’t want to part with it. We humans have gotten too far away from the concept of “community” and genuine open and honest discourse has become a distant memory.

    • That sounds resigned. But with good reason i’m afraid. Give people a raise in salary of 10$ and they will say this is nothing. Ask them for 1$ to donate and they will say this is a lot of money….

  3. ATTAC has been proposing that for a long time. Have a look:

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