European households throw away 100 billion euros worth of food each year.

90 million tons of food, enough to fill 3 million trucks stretched around the equator.
This is twice the amount needed to feed all the hungry people in the world.

Considering the population of the EU (739 Miliion) and USA (310 Million) the official numbers for the United States are about the same:

The US throw away more than 34 million tons of food each year, worth some 48.3 billion US$

Pretty shocking numbers i would say!

I was thinking about what we can do as individuals. The fact that supermarkets always want to have filled shelfs we can’t change easily, except we start an initiative with neighbours and friends and try to get in contact with our local stores to discuss this. But we all know it is not likely to happen. So what about these simple ideas:

Besides the obvious one, only to buy what you really want to consume, i was thinking about the following:

  1. Buy food which is close to expiration date, to avoid that it will be thrown away.
    Many stores offer them cheaper, and you can save money too. The durability is in most cases much longer, so this is not a problem.
  2. Give all siutable remains to neighbours and friends, or to your cats, dogs, your T-Rex or whoever is hungry around you.
  3. Maybe you have an organisation nearby, that helps homeless people or other people in need?

I would be very happy to hear from you what else we can do. I guess everybody agrees with me that it is more than just a shame that we throw away so much, in a world where 15 million children starve annually.

The trailer of the award winning documentary TASTE THE WASTE:

The documentary → TASTE THE WASTE
. (english and german)

One Response to “TASTE THE WASTE”

  1. If these are the stats for households/individuals….I shudder to think how the numbers would jump were businesses (restaurants/hospitals/schools etc) added into the mix. I personally have always made a big effort not to waste and plan to start a compost pile this spring for any food waste (non dairy/meat) that I must discard.

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