SUPERMOON by hipydeus
SUPERMOON a photo by hipydeus on Flickr.


For the next few days, the moon will appear bigger and brighter – in fact the biggest for almost 20 years. Of course i went out to take a picture. I didn’t notice it was bigger, so i was quite surprised when i made this comparison.

The moon today was ~ 14,4% larger than the one to the right from last October. (Measured in Photoshop)

Known as a super “perigee moon”, the moon is about 49,889 kilometres closer than usual. It’s so close because the moon’s orbit around the Earth is an ellipse not a perfect circle.

Although a perigee moon brings with it extra-high “perigean tides,” it’s nothing to worry about. Armageddon has to wait until 2012 🙂

A little moon timelapse i have made just for fun

Found this cool video about it from NASA

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  1. In addition to high water tides, it presumably produces greater stresses in the Earth’s crust and could trigger earthquakes?

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