Namibia’s Deadly Little Secret

90,000 seals will be brutally clubbed to death. For Greed and Profit.

Soon the Namibian seal ‘cull’ will begin, and over 85,000 baby seal pups and a further 6,000 bulls will be brutally clubbed to death and skinned in what is now the largest slaughter of marine wildlife on the planet. It is considered to be the most brutal of all ‘culls,’ and is now responsible for the death of more seals than even the Canadian seal hunt.

The sand on the beach will literally be stained red with blood, the bloody bodies thrown into the backs of waiting vehicles. Soon after, bulldozers will be brought in to clean up and restore the beach before the tourists arrive to view the colony, because all of this happens in a designated seal reserve.

The ‘cull’ is driven by only one man, Hatem Yavuz, who has the contract to buy every skin resulting from the Namibian seal slaughter until 2019. “In order for them [the seals] to feel less pain, they need to be killed with a club that has a nail in it,” Yavuz, who describes himself as a so-called animal lover, has said.

I took this excerpts from a new article written by Pat Dickens, who is the  Sea Shepherd South Africa Coordinator. I have never heard about this brutal seal hunt in Namibia. Most of us heard about the massacres that take place in Canada every year, but incredible 900,000 seals killed in commercial hunts annually, according to EU data.

Seal products are now banned in over 30 countries, with the European Union banning seal products last August. As a last ditch effort to keep their cruel seal hunt afloat, the butchers have now turned to China as the place to peddle their disgusting seal products.

If you want to help, you can sign several petitions here:

Sea Sherpherd has proven to be one of the most effective organisation in protecting marine life worldwide. After their incredible success to stop whaling in Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary last month, you can help them to win another battle for innocent animals.

Please donate, and help Sea Shepherd raise funds to protect and defend seals and ocean wildlife worldwide!

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