The horror of Guilin – Tigers being turned into wine

Photo by hipydeus.

In a depressingly factory farm near Guilin in China, ruthless people breeding tigers to be eaten and to be made into wine.

It is not allowed to kill tigers in China, but no one says anything if they starve, or die by neglect. The wine is made with crushed tiger bones, and visitors can also order, tiger medicine, and all sorts of tiger menues like soups or steaks. They even offer lions and bears to eat.

I wonder how these butchers sense the world.
Do they enjoy the beauty of a sunset? Are they able to feel compassion?

I have chosen to post this and link to this horrifying investigative article to raise awareness. We still don’t care much about the terrible treatment of chicken, pigs and other animals which are vegetating in our “Meat Factories”. Even if chicken are not an endangered species, nothing can justify such cruelty.

Full Story

According to WWF, Wild tiger numbers have fallen by about 95% over the past 100 years. Tigers are also among the most vulnerable and threatened species on Earth.

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