Million Pigs buried alive in South Korea

Isn’t there just one day without horrible news about sadistic and barbaric cruelty done to animals?

We can impossible call us a civilized species as long these atrocities are happening. One of my first thoughts was “This is a Holocaust”. A war against animals with no rules and no compassion. But it is an accepted one. This was documented on video, while right now countless animals have to face a similar fate all around the globe.

Whether they are gassed, slaughtered alive, or abused in unspeakable ways.

It is a common method to castrate pigs without anesthesia. With a scissor, or their testicles are just ripped out.  Why? because the consumer wants the meat to be cheap as possible.

if not eating meat is torturing you so much then eat less. There’s a difference between eating to live and living to eat.  Have a look where your meet comes from. Get free-range chicken, pigs.. If we are going to sacrifice animals for our own greed, then we should be thankful to them for their sacrifice and be respecful with their treatment.

Look at these pictures and ask yourself,  is this what you want to support? The next time we use “pig” as a swearword (i have not enough imagination to find a swearword for people who can do such things) i hope we will have these pictures in mind and the terrible screams in our ears: VIDEO

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