Individuals can make a difference! Thank you Paul & Crew

Whale Wars 2011: Japan has abandoned its annual Antarctic whale hunt before the end of the season because of “repeated harassment” by Sea Shepherd activists.

Operation No Compromise, Sea Shepherds seventh voyage to defend the whales of the Southern Ocean, has been enormously successful. Many hundreds of whales will be left alive and free to live in the Southern Ocean.

“I have a crew of 88 very happy people from 23 different nations including Japan and they are absolutely thrilled that the whalers are heading home and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is now indeed a real sanctuary,” said Captain Paul Watson.

(photo: Barbara Veiga / Gary Stokes)

One Response to “Individuals can make a difference! Thank you Paul & Crew”

  1. Thank you SSCS and gratulation to this incredible success.
    Yes, “It’s a great day for the whales, and it’s a great day for humanity!
    I’m glad that once again noone had been injured, and you all can return home safely from this incredible mission. I hope you get the support you need to be even more successful with all your other campaigns worldwide too.
    You have my support for sure!

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